Florida Georgia Line Tackle Rapid-Fire Questions

When Florida Georgia Line sat down with Glamour magazine, the country duo definitely talked about music and fame and other big issues. But they talked about the little things, too.

That is important, because deep down, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are just regular guys who watch TV, go on vacation, drink Jack Daniel’s and eat at Waffle House.

Here are the seven best answers (or 14, if you are counting Kelley and Hubbard’s answers separately) to what the magazine called their “rapid-fire questions”:

1. Must-see TV show? Hubbard says Dallas, Kelley says Dexter.

2. Favorite breakfast food? Both guys say Waffle House. Hubbard likes the cheese ’n’ eggs, and Kelley likes the cheese ’n’ eggs with grilled chicken in a wrap.

3. Favorite sports team? Kelley says Florida State Seminoles, Hubbard says Georgia Bulldogs. (Get it? Florida, Georgia?)

4. Drink of choice? Hubbard says Jack and Sprite (“Or Jack and anything, really”), and Kelley echoes that love of Jack Daniel’s. “Beer or Jack and anything,” Kelley answered.

5. Vacation spot? Hubbard says California, Kelley says Cashiers, N.C.

6. Dream movie star to be in one of your music videos? Both Hubbard and Kelley kind of decide on Channing Tatum — “the dancer guy that every girl has a crush on.”

7. Favorite childhood cartoon? Hubbard admits to Scooby-Doo, Kelley to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And here’s how the duo describes each other in around three words. Kelley says that Hubbard is “passionate, hardworking and a friend.” And Hubbard says that Kelley is “a go-getter, amazing hair and definitely a hard worker for sure.”