Jamie Lynn Spears Arrives at a Good Place

How could Jamie Lynn Spears want more? She couldn’t.

That’s why the former Zoey 101 star’s debut country single, “How Could I Want More,” is so perfect for her at this point in her life.

“I think whenever you have a song that really captures a moment in your life and something that was so raw and so real every time I would sing that song, it would bring it all back to me, especially where I am in life right now,” Spears told MTV News . “I’m really at a good place and I feel like, ’How could I want more?'”

The good place for Spears is one where she is making music, mothering her little girl Maddie, and planning to marry Jamie Watson. He is actually the one Spears is singing about in the new tune.

“It’s a song that’s very personal to me, I wrote it about my now fiancĂ©. I had just moved to Nashville, so I was really focusing on working and being a mom and a new town and a new home, so me and him broke up for a little bit so I could really focus on that,” she explains. “So this song was written in that vulnerable moment.”

Spears co-wrote the song with Rivers Rutherford, and it paints the picture of the perfect man. With lyrics like, “Looking at a good man who oughta be the right guy/He’s got that kinda heart that any girl would die for,” and “Treats me like a princess, let’s me have it my way/I can tell he’s hanging on every word that I say/All he does is love me, swears that’s what he’s here for.”

Watson must be pretty flattered when he hears that.

“He’s like, ’It sounds really good. Your voice is really good,'” Spears said. So, nothing like, “Wow, Jamie Lynn. You made me sound so amazing”? Not really. But Spears says that’s just because “he’s a guy.”