Jake Owen: Ylvis Fan?

Thanks to People magazine for asking Jake Owen five questions in 60 seconds. And thank you, Jake Owen, for teaching me about the Norwegian duo Ylvis.

One of the questions People asked Owen for their Chatter video was “What is your favorite song to sing?” He says/sings, “What does the fox say — ding ding ding.” Which is from the Ylvis song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say).” It may be really bizarre, stupid and silly song, but it will be stuck in your head forever once you hear Owen sing it. He also goes off into a little bit of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” But doesn’t it make you wonder why he didn’t pick one of his own songs as his favorite?

Other questions Owen tackled were about his childhood.

“The best thing about being a twin is having a best friend, growing up having a sleepover every night with your best friend,” he says of his fraternal but non-identical twin Jarrod. “Not everybody can have a sleepover with their best friend every night.”

And he says the very best thing (besides Jarrod, I assume) about growing up in Florida was “sunshine shining all the time.”

As for the ladies in his life, Owen admits his wife Lacey is most beautiful when she, well, is just being Lacey.

“She’s always beautiful,” he says. “Not any particular time. She’s always beautiful.”

Then there’s that other beauty he adores — Pearl. When Owen was asked what his favorite thing to do with his 1-year-old daughter, he said, “Just hang out with her, play with her, see her smile and laugh.”