Did Blake Shelton Get Cash for Christmas?

Cash. That’s what Blake Shelton wanted for Christmas. Cold, hard cash. And when a star of that magnitude is joking around about needing more money, it makes you wonder how much he already has.

In 2012, Shelton earned around $5,914,591.11, according to Billboard magazine. How they got the amount down to Shelton’s last 11 cents is beyond me. They say he earned $3.1 million from touring that year, and I also remember reading that Shelton makes at least $100,000 per episode of The Voice.

So between his big year as 2013’s reigning CMA male vocalist of the year and his upcoming gig as a coach on The Voice for the sixth season in a row, I doubt he was really expecting friends and family to give him money for Christmas.

But when People magazine caught up with Shelton at a J.C. Penney event in New York City and they asked what he was hoping for on Christmas morning, he joked, “Cash. I like cash.”

He was also hoping for dip. Especially the kind his mother-in-law Bev Lambert makes.

“I like any kind of dip,” Shelton said. “Anything that you can dip a chip in — ranch, cheese, salsa. And [wife Miranda Lambert’s] mom knows that, so there’s always like six different kinds of dip.”

And he revealed some words of wisdom on how to get the dip all to yourself.

“I found out if you double dip, then other people stay out of it,” Shelton said.

The couple planned to spend holiday time with both of their families in Texas and Oklahoma. And it sounds like what Shelton likes even more than the chips and dip is the “no pressure, no thinking, just hanging out and having fun” part of the holidays.