Dierks Bentley Says “Life Happens”

I was glued to my TV during Friday night’s (Jan. 3) night’s Orange Bowl. Partly because I was cheering for Clemson University and partly because Dierks Bentley was performing during the halftime show. I was hoping he’d play some new tunes off his upcoming album Riser, due out Feb. 25. No such luck.

For all I know, he played every single track from the album during halftime, but only one song — “I Hold On” — was televised. His show must’ve been good, though, because the announcer said, “Dierks Bentley, as strong as the quarterback play we saw in the first half here.” So for the 72,080 fans who were there in Miami, I hope they loved every minute.

Fortunately, Bentley just released a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Riser . So now we can all get a little glimpse of what’s ahead. Like a title track where he rhymes “riser” with “survivor,” “fighter,” “lighter” and “get out aliver.”

Bentley reveals how the process of making this album was so different from the others he’s made.

“My dad passed away at the beginning of the process, and then my son Knox being born at the end of the process,” he said, adding, “I really feel like I’ve come out the other side stronger and better for it.”

While Bentley was in Florida getting ready for the Orange Bowl, he had to improvise his annual and hysterical jump into Percy Priest Lake near Nashville.

“This year, the lake we were gonna go into, there’s a slight problem with alligators. So that was a no go,” Bentley explained. “It’s a good luck thing. I have to get into some body of cold water or else it’s a terrible year. So we’ve secured a high quality pool.”

Then he climbed into a kiddie pool and let his band shower him with ice and cold water while he played the banjo and talked about the year ahead.

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