Keith Urban Celebrates No. 1 Album With American Idol Team

Judges Show Off a Fun, Friendly Chemistry

As Keith Urban and the cast of American Idol gear up for the launch of the show’s 13th season, they took a moment to celebrate the success of Urban’s latest album, Fuse, with a “No. 1” party.

“I’m really blown away, actually, because you work on something for such a long time, and then, you know, it’s done,” Urban said. “It comes together, and it seems like it comes out in a nanosecond and then all of a sudden people are getting to hear it.”

Urban says he’s glad fans are connecting with the diverse collection of songs on the project, including his hit collaboration with Miranda Lambert, “We Were Us.”

And as Urban shifts from his own music into helping guide aspiring artists on American Idol, it’s becoming clear the judges’ panel will feel lighthearted this year — a much different atmosphere from the previous season. The mood was apparent when fellow Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. joked with Urban on the show’s set in Los Angeles.

“I just can’t believe you’ve only done one album!” Connick mockingly said to Urban during the party. “I mean, you said it’s your No. 1 album!”

“Right! Yeah, I’ve got a few more to go!” Urban replied.

“Congratulations on your No. 1 album,” Connick Jr. continued. “No. 2’s gonna be even better!”

“The chemistry is fantastic, I will tell you that,” admits the show’s longtime host Ryan Seacrest. “But it’s different for us to look over and not see one of the original [judges], but it’s as if [the new team has] been doing it together forever. Obviously, two of them have been here before, and Harry has been here since season one. He’s been a part of the show since the beginning and has watched every episode. … So it all fits perfectly.”

American Idol is set to kick off its 13th season Jan. 15.

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