Carrie Underwood Cuddles Puppies at Animal Shelter

Carrie Underwood is not one of those all-talk, no-action people, especially when it comes to taking care of cats and dogs. I know this because she posted a few photos and a video on Twitter on Wednesday (Jan. 8) of herself making new friends and getting a little dirty.

“Spent the last couple days volunteering at an animal shelter. Lots of puppies = lots of poop! Oh … so much,” she wrote to caption the Vine video where she shows everyone the mess on her sweatshirt. “How’d I get poop on my shoulder? Weird,” Underwood says.

So you know she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and really help out the animals at the shelter. And when Underwood wasn’t working, she was playing. She let a few dogs have a little meet-and-greet time, and the photos — and her accompanying tweets — are adorable.

“This guy was one of my favorites! T-Rex is his name, snuggling is his game!” and “One is trying to kiss me while one is trying to rip my scarf off!”

Hopefully, Underwood’s hashtags (#ShelterDogs, #Volunteering and #Adopt) will inspire more others to get involved with shelters in their own neighborhoods.

But it’s not just the dogs that Underwood is looking out for. When her mom’s cat went missing late last week, she took to Twitter to ask her 3 million followers to be on the lookout in Oklahoma.

“Mom lost her cat @ animal shelter near Checotah/Rentiesville exit. Calico w/white chest & bent tail, semi-wild. Help! If seen notify shelter,” she wrote.

So far, more than 400 people have retweeted that, so I’m guessing the cat will be back home soon.

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