10 Things The Band Perry Learned in Europe

The Band Perry just got back from a few months of touring overseas. The sibling trio hit Ireland, England, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Scotland and Denmark, among other locales. And on Thursday (Jan. 9), they will start a month of shows in Canada. But in between, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry had a little time off in the States, and I was able to catch up with them and ask them some questions about their European vacation.

1. Favorite time of day in Europe: “My favorite time of day was show time. So probably about 8:30 over there. At that point in the day, we are hyped up on 12 cups of coffee and the energy from the crowd starts to seep in,” Neil said.

2. Shopping: “I found a silver shop in Munich, Germany. So my favorite purchase over there was from there. They had a bunch of antique silver tea sets and coffee sets, so I got a tea and coffee service from I think it was back in early 1900s,” Kimberly said.

3. Overseas fans: “Well, they all reacted to the music the same,” Reid said. “They would all yell, jump and scream along, but when they sang along it was different because you would hear a different accent.” (He even told me that some of the jokes Kimberly told would fall flat because of her Southern accent and the language barrier.)

4. Food: “I loved the food in Germany the most. I don’t think there are any vegetarians in Germany,” Kimberly raved, “because we had the best meats there.”

5. Taking photos: “I filled four eight-gigabyte cards on my camera with photos. Then the ’card is full you must delete photos’ wording comes up. So I filled up probably 12,000 photos maybe,” said Neil, the family’s photography enthusiast.

6. Jet lag: “I’d say the jet lag was worse coming back to the States,” Neil admitted. “Because as soon as we hit the ground over in Europe, we just started being tourists. We would tour the city by day, and then at night play the show. But when we came back to the States, it was a little slower, so the jet lag seemed worse.”

7. Favorite city: “That would probably have to be Zurich, Switzerland. It was our first time there, and we just found it really, really beautiful,” Kimberly said. “That’s definitely the one place I’m going back to, as quickly as possible. I loved it.”

8. Fans’ favorite song: “I think ’Forever Mine Nevermind’ was actually the one that the fans loved the most. I don’t know if it’s because it has a bit of a rock tinge to it, but they all put their fists in the air and jump whenever we get to the nah-nahs,” Reid said. “That’s the thing everyone did everywhere.”

9. Odd observations about traveling: “The buses are a lot different over there,” Reid explained. “Here [in the U.S.], your bus is your home away from home. Whereas in Europe, it was just different. All the couches were orange or purple, and they have to stop every three hours so the driver can take a cigarette break.”

10. Accommodations: “When the hotel rooms had two beds in a room, they’d be squeezed really close together. Without a nightstand between them. And sometimes my cousin was my bunkmate, so that was something she and I had to get used to,” Kimberly said.

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