Taylor Swift, MTV Moonman Get Back Together

Taylor Swift was pretty quick to blame herself for breaking the MTV Moonman trophy that came in the mail on Wednesday (Jan. 8). But if you look closely at the torn box, it looks like it was broken when it arrived.

It’s still a perfectly nice Moonman. Swift won the VMA back in August but didn’t receive the actual physical award until now.

And when it did come, she Instagrammed a video of herself opening it. “What’s this that came in the mail? Ohhh. Check it out,” she says as she shows the little metal astronaut and starts playing with his loose MTV flag. “Did I break it? Oh god.”

Fun fact: When the very first Moonman was given out for best female video in 1984, it went to Cyndi Lauper for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

This Moonman that Swift received for 2013 was actually the new Moonman. He’s had a bit of a makeover. The award has been redesigned by Brian Donnelly — the artist known professionally as KAWS — and has a gunmetal finish, a signature skull-and-crossbones face and Mickey-Mouse-like gloves.

“I’m sure you’ll have artists that are mad. They have their perfect chrome line of Moonmen, and I’ve somehow ruined that symmetry,” KAWS told MTV News when the new trophy was revealed. “It seems very in line with the work I make and it sort of seemed like a natural step. The original Moonman was standing on the MTV logo. I took liberties like replacing the footprint. The bones are similar to the bones on the characters I design.”

When the MTV Video Music Awards aired back in August, Swift won best female video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.” She beat out Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop,” Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack,” Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” and Rihanna’s “Stay.”

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