Joe Nichols Tweets About Another Baby, Gold Single

It’s a good day to be Joe Nichols right now. He just posted two very big announcements within minutes of each other on Thursday (Jan. 9).

He started the day with an early morning tweet about the new addition to his family. “Aaaaaaand we’re pregnant again! Another baby Nichols on the way in 2014! :)” Nichols tweeted.

That must be very, very welcome news for the family since Nichols’ wife Heather has suffered five miscarriages and reveals in her personal blog that she has always wanted to be a mother.

“Growing up, out of all of my friends, I was the one that didn’t care about college or a high powered job. All I ever wanted was children. My mother and my sisters all had babies so easily that it never crossed my mind that I would have any trouble,” she’d written when she and Nichols struggled to have their first child. Now, their daughter Dylan is almost 2 years old. Nichols also has a 15-year-old daughter Ashelyn from a previous relationship.

Later in the same day, Nichols spread more good news — this time, about the new addition to his wall of gold records. “#SunnyAnd75 goes GOLD!” he wrote. According to Nichols’ website, his “Sunny and 75” song was certified gold by the RIAA for single sales in excess of 500,000 digital downloads. It’s Nichol’s fourth No. 1 hit and his ninth Top 20 hit since his breakout song from 2002, “The Impossible.”

“Yeah,” the second single from Nichols’ album Crickets will hit radio later this month.

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