Dierks Bentley Maintains Regular-Guy Cred

He cleans his own gutters! He buys his own beer! He posts photos of his adorable new baby boy!

Ever since Dierks Bentley had his first breakout hit with “What Was I Thinkin'” in 2003, he seems to have maintained his regular-guy cred. He never really went down the male diva path, never got too big for his own good and never really copped a demanding attitude.

He literally holds on to who he was before he started getting famous. (And to what he drove, like the Chevy truck that brought Bentley to Nashville when he was 19.)

So his recent string of tweets should come as no surprise, then.

“Ahhhh … the satisfaction of listening to the rain run down along your gutters and not over them after spending an afternoon cleaning them,” he wrote Monday (Jan. 13).

It’s cool to know that even though he could easily afford a gutter-cleaning service, Bentley takes pride in his homeownership and handles his own chores.

“Watching football with my buddy knox. he wants me to give a shout out to @LBTmusic for his new duds! @nfl #NOvsSEA,” Bentley tweeted along with a photo of his 3-month-old son in a blue-on-blue striped one-piece outfit over the weekend.

“Only in nashville: making a beer run & listening to the radio @LukeBryanOnline ’grab a beer’ & i pass my pal jim beavers who was co-writer,” Bentley wrote of the small world that is Music City.