Nashville Is Back — and Dead Serious

On Wednesday night’s (Jan. 15) mid-season premiere, Nashville came back with a bang. Sorry. Too cliche? But Peggy — Teddy’s home-wrecking wife — is dead. She was the victim of a bullet that was allegedly intended for her husband, the mayor.

So there’s that. Murder. Then over in singer-songwriter land, there is Will, who tried to kill himself the very same night Peggy died because of his struggles over his sexuality.

He has a good, good friend in Gunnar, though. Gunnar went to find Will when he wasn’t returning Brent or Layla’s calls. He found him in the woods and tried to help Will over his hurt. First by hitting him, then by telling him to never pull crap like this again.

“I am your friend. I want to say you promise you’ll call me,” Gunnar says. “It’s the 21st century. It is OK to be whatever.”

Meanwhile, Juliette tells some of her haters, “There is no God that would listen to a crackpot like you.”

And they were videotaping her when she said it. So the haters take the first four words of that video — “there is no God” — and that’s the video that goes viral. Juliette asks Layla to tell the world what she’d really said. Layla’s a bitch, so she doesn’t want to help. But Juliette paints a pretty grim picture of what would happen if she doesn’t.

“If this doesn’t go away, our tour will,” Juliette tells her.

Then Deacon was trying to find a way to “tap into the magic” he had when he wrote songs with Rayna, per the instructions of some music industry hotshot, but he was looking for inspiration at the bottom of a bottle. He didn’t drink, but he thought about it.

“My whole life, I’ve known how to write songs from a place of pain or chaos or heartache,” he tells his girlfriend. “And right now, I’m just trying every damn thing I can to figure out how to do that when I’m happy. It’s just gonna take some getting used to.”

Eventually, he does write one with his biological daughter Maddie.

Other than that, the only little joyful moment on the episode was when the real Kelly Clarkson asked Gunnar and Scarlett to co-write a song with her. Which would have been great and a little relief from all the serious issues. But Scarlett tells her no.

Big mistake. I mean, who in their right mind says no to Clarkson?