Party Down South Kicks Off Thursday Night

CMT's Outrageous New Series Debuts at 10 p.m. ET/PT

CMT’s newest series Party Down South kicks off Thursday night (Jan. 16) at 10 p.m. ET/PT, tapping into one of the wildest summers the South has ever seen.

While many events are now a blurry memory, the eight outrageous cast members had no trouble summing up their time together during a visit to the CMT offices:

“Crazy, deranged, dysfunctional fun!” smirked former beauty queen Mattie Breaux.

“The best summer of my life!” proclaimed Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright.

“I learned I had an anger problem,” joked mama’s boy Lyle Boudreaux.

Eventually, the friends decided they had become a family.

“I took a lot away from it,” Breaux said. “Since I’ve done the show and since I’ve found I’m so different, I’m a hell of a lot stronger. And if it wasn’t for these people it would have never happened.”

Despite nightly partying, the housemates admit they ended the summer as transformed individuals and say viewers should tune in expecting a series filled with heart, laughter, tears and experiences that everyone can relate to.

“You should watch Party Down South because this show is amazing,” said Boudreaux. “It’s fun, it’s full of enjoyment, and I promise you’ gon’ have a good time just watching it.”

“You’ll never get bored,” added loveable big fella Josh Murray. “There’s never going to be a moment where we sit down and don’t get into some shit, man. We had fun. We got to know each other. Y’all will love it because you’ll see our hearts come out of it and still see all of us raising as much hell as humanly possible.”

“And you’re going to laugh,” Breaux declared. “You’re gonna relate to all of our stories on here, ’cause just like you we’re real — a team.”

“You want to know the main thing about it?” concludes Boudreaux. “You never know till you watch the show.”

Party Down South was created by the producers of Jersey Shore.

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