Charlie Worsham Makes His Acting Debut

Country's Newcomer Hits the Small Screen on Bones

Charlie Worsham is ready for his close-up. The country singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and my personal favorite Converse-sneaker enthusiast will make his network acting debut on Friday night’s (Jan. 17) episode of Bones, the Fox network’s hit series.

Worsham posted a little teaser about his role on his official Facebook page, revealing he’ll actually play a country singer who — spoiler alert — gets murdered.

Say it isn’t so! But the show is called Bones for good reason, I reckon.

If you follow Worsham on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen a few fairly cryptic-looking shots from the Hollywood set in recent weeks and thought, “What in the world is he up to?” Well, it seems like he was winning hearts in Hollywood. It’s just another exciting development in the career of one of country music’s most promising and buzzed-about newcomers. For Worsham, the experience was nothing short of a major “pinch-me” moment.

“I’m not an actor, but I had a lot of fun,” he told “As a musician, it was fascinating to see the creative process and crazy amount of people it takes to create a TV show. It’s a different world, but there are a lot of similarities.”

And he was in very good hands with the stars of the series.

“David (Boreanaz), Emily (Deschanel) and the rest of the producers, cast and crew took really good care of me,” he said. “Especially David, who directed this episode.”

Worsham will be watching his big moment for the first time, too, when Bones airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT. And if you’re curious to learn more about his Tinseltown experience, he’ll be doing a Facebook chat Friday at 7 p.m. ET.

In the meantime, I also suggest you check out his newest single “Want Me Too” from his critically-acclaimed debut album Rubberband.

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