Only Taylor Swift Tweets for Taylor Swift

Nothing against country stars with a social media team, but once in a while, it’s nice to hear from the actual artist you are following. Taylor Swift must know that because that’s exactly how she approaches Twitter.

“I’m the only person with my password. I’ll tweet maybe once every two weeks,” Swift told Teen Vogue magazine.

So if she tweets something, you know it’s really her voice, her words, her thoughts.

One of her last tweets was about the Grammys. But it wasn’t one of those annoying promotional tweets written in the third person, like “Be sure to watch (artist) when she takes the stage at the (awards show) to perform her hit (current single).”

All Swift’s recent tweet said was, “It’s the 13th and it’s 13 days until @TheGRAMMYs. I’m aware that I talk about 13’s too much (as well as cats and food) but 2 in one day!!!”

So while it was a little promotional in nature, it was also honest and cute and self-deprecating. So in other words, very her.

Swift also admitted to the magazine that if her tweets appear to be a little infrequent, it is because she tries not to be that girl who is always on her phone.

“I don’t want to seem like I always have my phone out looking for the next thing to upload,” she said. “One of the most important things about social media is knowing when to put the phone down and experience your life. If I were to tweet what I’m doing every minute, all you’d get would be pictures of me watching TV with my cat, and you’d be depressed for me.”