Kip Moore Rekindles “Young Love”

Singer-Songwriter Delivers New Video Ahead of Second Album

Kip Moore is looking forward to his sophomore album, and in preparation for its upcoming release, the singer premiered the music video from his project’s first single, “Young Love.”

Shot in Springfield, Tenn., Moore says he chose a location reminiscent of his own hometown.

“This is a really cool town,” the Georgia native told CMT Hot 20 Countdown . “It is a lot like the town that I grew up in, so I thought that this would be the spot to capture it. We’ve got a guy playing me as a teenager, and it’s a song about ’you-against-the-world.’ You know, you as a couple doing whatever you can to be together and making it to the end and still having that love that you had as young teens. So many people go through that.”

Admittedly, Moore has his own story to tell about the song’s creation and a teenage trip to Panama City, Fla., years ago.

“I met somebody while I was down there for the summer with a buddy, and we just hit it off,” said Moore. “It was just one of those things where we wanted to be together and I was living four hours away. I’m 16 and just got my license, and I’m driving a piece of junk Isuzu car that I got all the way down to Panama City. And that thing broke down, like, every other week.

“The cool part of being that age is you don’t worry about any of the other stuff. I mean, you get older and you get a little more jaded and you start factoring other things in, and that’s the cool thing about being reckless and being a teenager.”

Moore co-wrote the song more than five years ago and has been waiting for just the right time to present it.

“The label and other people wanted it to be on the first record,” he said. “And for some reason, it didn’t feel right. Part of me wanted it to be on the second [album] so that hopefully my career could build to where I feel like it would be more impactful.

“And also, it’s one of those things where sometimes [songs] mean something different to you later on, which is kind of what happened. I was playing it backstage on the piano at the Grand Ole Opry, and I fell back in love with the song. And where the whole record is new material, it was kind of cool to bring something that I wrote back then onto this new project and it just fit right in.”

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