Real Nashville Stars No Match for Fictional Nashville Drama

Zac Brown couldn’t do it. Jay DeMarcus couldn’t do it. Really, no actual country artist was big enough to steal the spotlight from the likes of Nashville’s fake ones.

Especially not from Juliette, whose rant from last week’s episode was still haunting her on Wednesday night’s (Jan. 22) episode.

With all of the #godlessbitch tweets about her, she practically broke Twitter. But even worse, Juliette found out one that of her concerts was canceled.

“You’re gonna have a lot of pissed-off ticket holders when my fans find out that you canceled it for political reasons,” she tells man in charge at the venue.

“They received over 6,000 refund requests before they pulled the plug,” he replies. “Your fans were already pissed off.”

After that, Juliette’s boss Jeff comes over to her house to tell her Highway 65’s stocks are taking a huge hit and radio is pulling her songs off the air. And then he gives her the bad news.

“You think you’re talented? Hmmm? Do you think you deserve this house? Because I think you’re just visiting. That you’re trailer trash, hiding under a pile of sequins. And that you should thank God for your good fortune, not deny He exists,” Jeff told Juliette, in what was probably the meanest 15 second of television ever.

So, of course, Juliette turned to a bottle of vodka to drown her sorrows. And, of course, Avery came to her rescue. With a Zooey Deschanel wig and a tambourine. They do some busking on a street corner and have the epiphany that people really do want to hear Juliette sing. Maybe not opine about God — but, for sure, sing.

And over in the Deacon-still-loves-Rayna corner, the two ex-lovers tried to write a song together.

“For better or for worse, you and I have written a lot of hits together,” Rayna tells him.

They do some writing — about sweet sides, slow rides and butterflies — but eventually, Deacon decided to sign with Belcourt Records. (And he notices that there are “a lot fewer zeroes” than he remembers.)

As for the real stars, their cameos were short but sweet.

Scarlett joined the Zac Brown Band to perform their hit song “Free” at the real Southern Ground Music & Food Festival in Nashville in a very boho maxi skirt and simple gray sleeveless T-shirt. It’s the cutest thing she’s worn all season. She was boo-hooing about how tired she was from the tour, the radio visits, the meet-and-greets and the No. 1 parties, but at least she didn’t look tired.

DeMarcus played his Rascal Flatts self, but was looking for a co-writer for some kind of side project, and he found Gunnar. So far, they don’t have a hit. Yet. But the real star and the fictional star seemed to have real chemistry in the fictional writing room.