Lucy Hale’s New Music Enables Shoe Addiction

A funny thing happens when you have to pack for a trip to promote your debut country album. Not all your shoes fit in the suitcase.

Fortunately, it sounds like Lucy Hale has found a way to cope. She’s just buying new shoes in every city she visits while getting radio stations to play “You Sound Good to Me,” her first country single.

“I’ve been on the road promoting my album and only brought six pairs (of shoes),” Hale told People StyleWatch magazine. “I feel like I need more. I’ve been shopping at every stop.”

She didn’t say how many pairs of jeans she was able to pack, but hopefully she has enough of her Rag & Bone skinny jeans with her. She says those are her go-to jeans because “I have a butt and thighs but a smaller waist, and these fit me perfectly.”

And because the Pretty Little Liars star was an actress before she started recording music, Hale says her other job has taught her a pretty and not-so-little fashion trick.

“I used to make safe fashion choices, but because my character’s look is pretty out there and creative, I’ve started taking more risks,” Hale said of how she is starting to break out of her style shell.

So she’s obsessed with shoe shopping, skinny jeans and fashion risks, which makes Hale just like almost every other girl in the world. Oh, and she loves Sephora too.

“I’m addicted to lotions, makeup — you name it,” she said, admitting there’s always a dead giveaway that she’s been on a trip to the beauty mecca.

“When I leave Sephora, my hand is covered in different colors because I have to try everything.”