The 13 Urbanisms We Love

Bias alert: Wednesday night’s (Jan. 22) American Idol auditions were taped in Detroit. I’m from Detroit. So two hours of contestants singing in my hometown — also Kid Rock and Eminem’s hometown, although that’s not really relevant — has me a little less objective than usual.

Even Keith Urban admitted the Motor City is a special place because it’s so rich in music, but he also noted the city is also “rich in incredible struggles.” Urban also talked up Detroit’s fragels (fried bagel), and he wore a T-shirt representing the bohemian Cass Corridor neighborhood.

But then, Urban did what he does best on the show. He gave his critique of the contestants in a way that only Urban can pull off — very cool, pretty honest and embellished with phrases I think he might have made up on the spot.

These were the best Urbanisms from Wednesday night:

“A bit of artistry? What a concept.”

“I mean, hello?”

“You laid across this nice slanky groove. Don’t be afraid to show a little more ache.”

“I get really irritated when people don’t listen. That’s what pisses me off.”

“I could hear your personality.”

“For me, it’s just sexiness. And it just wasn’t there.”

“You sing so effortlessly. But don’t let that be something where you think that’s enough.”

“That’s your bag, baby.”

“I dug it.”

“I can feel a lot of you in there.”

“If you’re gonna do a song like ’Radioactive’ — which has a chorus that hits the octave — and it’s not in your wheelhouse, then it’s an odd choice.”

“So many people are surrounded by people that just think everything they do is fantastic.”

“See you in Hollywood, and then some.”