Trace Adkins: Songwriting His Way Through Rehab

I always thought songwriting could be therapeutic, and Trace Adkins apparently feels the same way.

The country star and 2013 Celebrity Apprentice winner is currently in a Florida rehab facility following a drinking incident on a country music-themed cruise. And now there are reports circulating that his therapist there is having Adkins do some songwriting to help him heal.

But you can’t just write a good country song in your head. You need music, and most importantly, instruments. So on Saturday (Jan. 25), Adkins and an employee from the rehab center went to a music store in Lake Worth, Fla., and bought a used Martin acoustic guitar for $1,100.

What will his downtime and his used guitar yield? Hopefully, the kinds of songs that Adkins does best — deep, bittersweet and achingly honest.

During his nearly two decades in country music, Adkins has leaned heavily on Nashville’s very best songwriters for the material that would ultimately become hits for him on the radio. But every once in a while, he co-wrote a few tunes that he put on his records. In fact, his 1996 debut single “There’s a Girl in Texas” from his debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud was one Adkins co-wrote with Vip Vipperman.

Other songs Adkins has written and recorded:

“A Bad Way of Saying Goodbye”
“The Rest of Mine”
“Snowball in El Paso”
“The Night He Can’t Remember”
“I’m Payin’ for It Now”
“Cowboy’s Back in Town”
“Days Like This”
“If I Was a Woman” (track featuring Blake Shelton)
“Semper Fi”
“The Altar of Your Love”

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