“Luke Being Luke” Makes Luke Bryan Right for Lee Brice

“Why is he opening the show?” Sometimes, that’s what I think when I read an artist’s tour lineup.

I guess I just feel like some acts don’t go together. But when Luke Bryan announced Lee Brice will be on the road with him for the rest of the year, I knew it was perfect. And so does Brice.

The last time he was in Chicago, he’d only done a couple of stops with Bryan so far. And they still have about 50 dates left to go through the end of October. But Brice told me he knew they be a great fit, mostly because of how Bryan’s humility.

“Luke came to me and was like, ’Lee, I want this to be our tour. All the lights, all the stage — use it all,'” Brice said. “He said, ’It ain’t about me looking bigger or better than y’all. I want us to all get out there and show them the best time.’

“That’s all Luke being Luke. He’s humble, he’s selfless, and he’s there for the party.”

There are other perks of touring with a headliner who doesn’t act like a headliner, too.

“It’s not like he’s saying, ’You have to use the smaller stage,'” Brice said. “We’re running everywhere he’s running. Some headliners want to save a little something just for themselves — so you can’t go on certain parts of their stage — but Luke’s not like that. He’s actually just how I’d be if I was headlining arenas.”

Bryan and Brice both had debut country songs in 2007. Bryan had “All My Friends Say,” and Brice had “She Ain’t Right.”

“Luke came to town basically at the same time I came to town,” Brice said. “We both had our first singles out at the same exact time. They were both going up the charts at the same time. His was at 26, mine was right behind his. So we knew each other then, and he’s been working so hard at this, and we’ve been friends through all that.”

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