Eric Church Has a Wrecking Ball, Too

If I know anything about Eric Church, it’s that he would probably never ever cover a Miley Cyrus song.

But I’d been hearing that his upcoming album The Outsiders had a song about wrecking balls. I had to find out if it bore any resemblance to the Cyrus one, lyrically or otherwise.

I found my answer in the Feb. 3 issue of New York magazine.

Church’s song is actually called “Like a Wrecking Ball,” and the story calls it “another smart variation on standard fare: the road-weary musician’s ode to his gal at home.”

It’s also described as deft, hot and sexy and that there is a part in the song where Church gets a text from his wife with a photo. You know the kind. Then he sings that he wants to rock some sheetrock and knock some pictures off the wall. Hence, the wrecking ball. I can’t wait to hear it.

Actually, I can’t wait to hear the whole album because it sounds like Church may have actually one-upped himself after his Grammy-nominated album Chief.

The rest of the New York story reviews the songs almost track by track, but then the magazine jumps to this conclusion about Church:

“He is, at his essence, a great country singer — a genre artist par excellence. Country, like all genre music, is often High Hackwork: It’s the art of making clich├ęs pay, again and again, of tweaking the conventions ever so slightly or embodying the conventions with such force or finesse that you make them feel fresh. In the best moments on The Outsiders, Church does just that, revitalizing the familiar through sheer charisma and the ideally deployed chord or couplet.”

The Outsiders will be released Feb. 11.

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