Miley Cyrus: Unplugged and Country?

Regardless of what you think about Miley Cyrus, there’s no denying that she can sing. Really, really sing.

So on Wednesday night’s (Jan. 29) Unplugged With Miley Cyrus special on MTV, that was obvious on every song. But this time, Cyrus gave the songs a slight country vibe.

“I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but I’m from Nashville,” she told the intimate crowd at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. “And because I couldn’t take all you guys back home with me, I brought Nashville here for tonight.”

All she really brought was a couple of hay bales and some wagon wheels, but she did have mandolin and banjo players in her seven-piece band. And that always helps. Plus, she said “y’all” a lot, and told the audience, “When I say ’hoe,’ you say ’down’.”

But in reality, aside from a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Cyrus was just doing Cyrus. So even though her arrangements of the songs from her recent Bangerz album leaned the slightest bit country, they were still Cyrus pop songs.

First, she did “4×4” and “Do My Thang,” both pretty uneventful. Then when she got into “#Getitright,” she started twerking on the fake horse onstage and riding it suggestively.

Then came her new single, “Adore You,” then what Cyrus called her favorite one off the record, “Rooting for My Baby.”

“It’s about no matter what happens to the people that you love in your life,” she said, “when things get crazy, always being there rooting for the person you love the most.”

Her set also included “SMS (Bangerz),” “Wrecking Ball” and a duet with Madonna on a mashup of her very country “Don’t Tell Me” and Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

But let’s talk about what really matters — what Cyrus wore.

She wore two different country get-ups on the show. The first was a skin-tight red and white gingham jumpsuit. It looked like it was made of Lycra, but the top was somehow made to mimic a pearl-snap Western shirt. Cyrus topped off the jumpsuit with an embellished white cowboy hat and white cowboy boots and a platinum blond bob wig.

Outfit No. 2 was a shimmery chambray bikini top and matching (but very distressed) jeans and slouchy jacket. Aside from the bikini top, the torn-up jeans and top looked like something she stole out of a homeless person’s grocery cart and then dipped in a bucket of sparkle dust.

Obviously, she’s Cyrus, and she has a style image to uphold. But for this tiny of a show, I would’ve loved to have seen her shed the slut and go for the jeans-and-barefoot look of her 2007 arena tour .

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