Thompson Square Share “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About”

Duo Filmed Their Newest Video in Patsy Cline's House

Husband and wife duo Thompson Square have had a steadily climbing country career since their 2010 debut hit, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.” And when ACM Awards nominations were announced Wednesday (Jan. 29), the two found themselves once again in the running for vocal duo of the year.

The reigning two-time ACM duo currently have another single rising on the Billboard charts: “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About.”

CMT Hot 20 Countdown caught up with Keifer and Shawna Thompson on the set of the track’s music video, a location with a fascinating musical history.

“We are actually shooting in Patsy Cline’s house that she lived in when she died. And this is like her dream house that she built, so this is incredible,” said Keifer. “The people who own it now actually went back and renovated it and turned it into what it was before, when she lived here. So it’s really, really cool. It’s a special place. No one has ever shot here before.”

With a vintage treatment in mind, the couple enjoyed exploring different concepts for the shoot.

“For some reason it just kinda made sense to marry the throwback sort of ’50s thing into this song,” Keifer admitted. “We got some nosy neighbors that are kinda peeking through the window, freaked out because we’re making out.”

“You know the ’50s, they were … um, what’s the word, a little bit … not sexual … ,” said Shawna. “You know what I mean. Not prude, but very conservative.”

“Yeah, they kept the blinds drawn, as it were,” added Keifer.

“So we’re putting our little spin on it,” Shawna concluded.

Thompson Square plan to take the track and many other fan favorites on tour across the country this year with an upcoming show slated for Feb. 6 in Jackson, Calif.