Carrie Underwood Wants More Women in Country Music

She Hopes More Female Artists Get a Shot at Stardom

Carrie Underwood thinks that girls are struggling in country music because, she says, “there seems to be only room for only a few.”

They are talented, they have great songs, they work hard, and yet, the odds are stacked against women in Nashville, she believes.

“You would think that we would be farther along in the thinking about women in country music,” Underwood told Billboard magazine , adding that women really do seem to get the short end.

As for the men?

“We see new male artists have their first single reach No. 1 on the charts, but it generally takes a female a lot longer to build momentum,” she said. That makes sense to me because I think the kinds of songs men debut with these days don’t always require a lot of time-consuming thought. They’re just meaningless-but-catchy tunes.

Underwood added, “I don’t think women can get away with the partying, beer-drinking, hung-over, truck-driving kind of music that a lot of the guys have gotten away with lately.”

That does make me wonder, though, what would happen if a girl did debut with a song like that? Would she shoot to the top on the charts overnight, in Gretchen Wilson-like fashion?

Underwood also talked to the magazine about the gender inequities when it comes to hours logged and media scrutiny.

“It seems women are expected to be so much more than men, which means we have to work that much harder. We’re the ones under the microscope. We’re expected to sound perfect. We’re expected to look perfect all the time. We’re expected to be style-setters,” she said, “whereas the boys roll onto the stage in their jeans, T-shirts and baseball caps.”

Underwood admitted she doesn’t know what we can do to turn the trend around. But she would like to see some change.

“I would love to see more women making their mark in the music that I love so much,” she said. “There are so many more out there just waiting for their shot. I hope they get it!”

I completely agree. One day, when Beyoncé is singing about who runs the world, I’d love to answer, “Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Kellie Pickler, Sara Evans and Kimberly Perry.”