Keith Urban’s Heart Broke Making “Cop Car” Video

Keith Urban is guilty.

Guilty of making his “Cop Car” song even better by releasing one of his best music videos to date. (Not quite the very best, though, because that distinction belongs permanently to his artistic “Without You” video, complete with personal wedding footage when he married Nicole Kidman.)

But he’s done it again with this new song, despite not wanting to make a video for it at all.

“How visual is that song? You don’t need a video. It will be heartbreaking to have to do one because it is so visual,” he told the Tennessean newspaper . Urban called on director John Urbano, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, One Direction and Simon Cowell, for the project.

But the song itself was a no-brainer for him to record.

“I was amazed that there’s always a new way to say something,” Urban said of the song. “I so know that guy and that psycho-crazy chick, and I can see that image so clearly. I laughed my ass off, and I loved that song. It’s such a great melody and such a damn cool song. I’m so happy we got that song.”

Damn cool song that is now resulting in a damn cool video. When you hear the song alone, it’s hard to believe the blue police car lights shining would make you fall in love. But then when you see the video, it all makes perfect sense. It’s like a sweet, romantic, teenagers-in-love movie that just happens to wrap up in four and a-half minutes.

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