Little Big Town Answers Questions on The Chew

I don’t know if The Chew is always this much fun, but when Little Big Town was on the show Monday (Feb. 3), it seemed like everyone was genuinely having a ball.

First, celebrity chef Mario Batali and LBT’s Kimberly Schlapman were making Willie Nelson marijuana jokes. Then Phillip Sweet said he was just trying to live up to his name when he started mixing up the dough for Batali Brothers Cinnamon Twists.

And then The Chew’s Clinton Kelly introduced a game he called Little Big Lowdown. He asked everyone in the band to answer questions like:

“Who is the worst cook?”

Karen Fairchild said her husband Jimi Westbrook, and Westbrook agreed.

“Who takes the longest time in hair and makeup?”

The majority answered that it was Schlapman.

“Who would you most want to babysit your child?”

This one was a tie between Schlapman and Fairchild. And Fairchild admitted she didn’t choose her own husband because “Kimberly’s like having Holly Hobby babysit your kids.”

“Who is the worst morning person?”

Westbrook was the winner, hands down. He even chose himself.

After that, Kelly invited Fairchild and Westbrook to make Valentine paper garlands. I know that sounds like something you’d make in kindergarten — with melted crayon shavings shaped like hearts — but it actually turned out kind of gorgeous.

Westbrook admitted to having a crafts-gone-wrong moment last Halloween.

“The last time I attempted a craft, I was Captain Hook,” he recalled. “I had the bright idea that I was gonna make my own hook. So I was making my hook, and at midnight, I slashed my finger, and I had to drive myself to the hospital.”

At the very end of the show, the group premiered their new video for “Sober.”

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