Eight Ways Lucy Hale Is Ready for Country Music

This is a big week for actress-turned-country-singer Lucy Hale. Her debut single “You Sound Good to Me” was officially added to the playlists at several country radio stations. And already, 33 stations are playing her song in her first week on the radio.

But even though the star of TV’s Pretty Little Liars is brand new to this country music thing, it sounds like she’s already ready for what lies ahead. She knows how to kill time on a bus, how to keep her voice strong and how to react properly when she hears her song on the radio.

In a recent interview with industry publication Country Aircheck , Hale revealed some details about her life that make me think she’s fully prepared for this new chapter in her life.

1. She knows how to kill time on airplanes. “SkyMall is definitely my inflight entertainment. I’ve never actually followed through with purchasing anything, but once I saw a mermaid tail, and I wanted it. Because why not?”

2. She knows how to kill time on a tour bus. “I’m only on level 29 on Candy Crush! Can you believe it? I’ve been playing for a month and can’t get past that level. I need more sprinkle donuts.”

3. Her reaction the first time she heard “You Sound Good to Me” on the radio was exactly how artists should always react. “I was stuck in the world’s worst traffic on the 405 in L.A. I was listening to the Highway on Sirius XM and my single came on — I almost caused a pileup. What a cool feeling!”

4. She is in touch with her redneck side. “The most redneck thing I’ve done lately was after driving all night on the bus and arriving at the hotel early in the morning. I walked in barefoot and in UT pajama pants.”

5. She appreciates a killer country song when she hears one. “If I could have written any one song, it would be ’Jesus, Take the Wheel.’ I love songs that have a few stories within them but the same moral. This was the perfect lyric, with the perfect melody and the perfect vocal.”

6. A Memphis native, she appreciates Elvis Presley. “If I could have dinner with any person living or dead, I’d order a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich because I’d be dining with Elvis, and that’s one of my favorites, too.”

7. She knows how to get sleep whenever she can get it. So her road essentials include a good pillow because as she says, “I’m a champion napper.”

8. Her vocal health means everything. “Road essentials include peanut butter, Throat Coat tea (a lifesaver for singers) and a humidifier because the air is very dry on a bus and in hotels.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.