How Tyler Farr’s “Whiskey” Is a Redneck Love Song

The last time I caught up with Tyler Farr, “Whiskey in My Water” wasn’t a single yet. But I think we both knew it would be. I mean, how could it not?

“It’s a guy’s redneck way of saying how much she means to him — in a different way,” Farr said of the song he wrote with Phillip LaRue and Jon Ozier. “He’s a country boy saying, ’You’re awesome,’ by saying, ’You’re the whiskey in my water and the moon in my ’shine.

“I get that not every song needs to be a love song, but I try to write, sing, and record songs I can relate to. And not all of them are going to be about beer and trucks.”

Plus, Farr didn’t grow up on just songs about beer and trucks.

“My mom married George Jones’ lead guitar player when I was 16,” Farr said.

And after going out on the road with him during high school, Farr told me he fell in love with country music while standing on the side of the stage. Besides the stuff Jones was singing, Farr says some of his early favorites were Conway Twitty’s “Single Thing in Mind” and Shenandoah’s “Sunday in the South.”

You can see — and hear — those old country influences in the new video for “Whiskey in My Water.” You can also see that despite the title, this is much more a tender love ballad than a drinking song. (Although you can’t blame Farr for finding a cool way to combine the two.)

Fun fact: According to director Chris Hicky, the barrels Farr is surrounded with in the video are full of some of Tennessee’s finest. Those parts of the video were shot at the George Dickel Distillery in Normandy, Tenn.