Martina McBride Says No to Larry King

Martina McBride sat down with Larry King recently and stood her ground on what some people feel is a controversial topic.

During an appearance on Larry King Now , he asked about her open acceptance of the gay and lesbian community. He was apparently trying to get her to say she’d suffered backlash and repercussions among her fans.

“I think that it’s just your personal morals and values, and like I said, I believe in acceptance,” McBride said at the start of the interview. And when King asked her about how conservative country music fans are in their views, she told him, “I don’t know that you can generalize like that.”

“Yes, there are people that are not tolerant and accepting. And then there are people that are. I think that there are people in every kind of music and every walk of life that are conservative — and people that don’t agree with it and people that do agree with it,” McBride added. “I don’t know about singling out country music. I don’t think of my fans as one way. I think I have a very diverse group of fans.”

When they talked more about country fans, in general, McBride sounded like she genuinely considers her fans to be her friends.

“The relationships with our fans is so important, and I feel like they’re friends,” she said, crediting Twitter and Facebook for bringing everyone closer together.

“When I was first asked to do that, I was a little confused by it,” she said “Because it’s so different to connect in that way. But since I’ve embraced it, I do feel like it’s a way to connect and show them a different side than they might just see in a 10-minute interview.”

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