Nashville Is Full of Quitters

Megan quit Teddy. Rayna quit Lamar. Will quit Brent. And Juliette quit music.

On Wednesday’s (Feb. 5) episode of ABC’s Nashville, it seemed like everyone was walking away from someone or something.

But on the bright side, Avery stood his ground when it came to Juliette. I say “stood his ground” because he is clearly the only one on the show who would tell Juliette to just stop. Stop hiding out, stop redecorating his house, stop trying to make him toast and stop feigning interest in his French film collection. (By the way, Avery is a foreign film guy? Totally did not see that coming.)

“Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean you’re invisible,” Avery told Juliette. Sounds like the words of a songwriter.

Back to the quitters, though.

Megan had to quit “consulting” Teddy in his case against Lamar because Deacon walked in on the two of them holding hands.

“Are you some kind of tragedy junkie,” Deacon asked Megan, accusing her of having a savior complex. So she told Teddy to find another lawyer and patched things up with Deacon.

Meanwhile, after Lamar got home from prison, Rayna and her daughters had a little party for him. Then her sister Tandy told Rayna that good ol’ Lamar had killed their mom and was behind Teddy’s wife’s murder.

So Rayna walked right up to Lamar and asked him three big questions: “Did you kill my mother? Did you have anything to do with Peggy’s murder? Did you hire that man to shoot Teddy?”

When he can’t really give her a definitive no, Rayna tells her father, “As far as I’m concerned, both of my parents are dead.” That turned out to be quite a prophecy.

Then there was Will. He was struggling so much with his feelings for Brent, whom he worked closely with at Edgehill Records, he had him fired. He told Jeff that Brent makes him uncomfortable. That was uncool on so many levels, I just know it will come back to haunt Will.

The only one who didn’t do any quitting on the show was Scarlett. In the course of two episodes, she has become very addicted to some kind of uppers that Liam gave her. If it wasn’t drug-related, I’d be all for this new energetic, cheerful and loquacious side of Scarlett. But you can practically already see the rock bottom she’s headed for.

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