Hunter Hayes Reveals His “Wild Card” at Charity Event

A charity group in Florida invited Hunter Hayes to perform at their fundraiser on Saturday (Feb. 1). And while he was there, during his full-band, spirited set, Hayes surprised the intimate concert crowd with a brand new up-tempo song called “Wild Card.”

The title is literally all I know for sure about the song after confirming it with his record label. I tried so hard to listen to a recording from the event, but Hayes’ fans being as enthusiastic as they are about new music, it’s impossible to hear him over his their screams.

But the other big news to come out of the Great Charity Challenge event — held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Fla. — is that the organizer, Mark Bellissimo, was so moved when he heard Hayes’ “Invisible,” he started an anti-bullying initiative right then and there.

First, Bellissimo put in $25,000 of his own money. Then seven other donors stepped up to match his donation. So by the end of the night, the group had raised $200,000 to start to put an end to bullying.

The goal of the initiative is to spread the word and encourage teens to end bullying once and for all. With the funds they’ve raised, Bellissimo’s plan is to reach out to local teens first. And then he hopes that Hayes’ We’re Not Invisible tour will allow the initiative to create similar programs for teens in other cities across the country.

“I’m so stoked to be part of this,” Hayes told the crowd during his performance.

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