Nine Guys + Kacey Musgraves = Summer Camp

Of course, everyone wants to know how a Grammy-winning artist got her start, how she collaborates over songs and how she prepares for shows. But don’t you also just want to see what her tour bus looks like?

In a CMA Close Up story , you can get a little glimpse into the life — in the studio, onstage and inside the tour bus — of Kacey Musgraves.

“I have a bunk, just like everybody else,” she said Musgraves. “There’s always room to move up and upgrade.”

Sometimes, the lead singer of a band will claim the back room as something of a master bedroom, even though that room may still only be about 6 feet by 6 feet.

“But my first year, I wanted to be with the band,” Musgraves said. “It’s like summer camp, you know?”

But it’s not always arts and crafts and campfires and singalongs.

“Being the only girl on a bus with nine guys is kind of hard when you don’t have your own space or your own bus,” she said. “But we are a close-knit group of people and friends. I kind of like the fact that we’re just all in it together right now. I feel like I would feel a little lonely if I was completely separated.”

At the very least, she will always have her dog with her on the bus.

“My dog gets to come out, too, and that’s a neat little piece of home for me.”

So far, though, Musgraves isn’t suffering from any loneliness while she’s on the road. Downtime, yes. But no loneliness. And she is quick to point out that she tries to keep in touch with everyone in her life, especially the ones who aren’t with her on the road.

“It’s so easy to just get caught up on going and going that you forget to include people that aren’t on the dream with you physically,” Musgraves admitted.

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