Five Reasons Carrie Underwood Stood Her Ground in Heels

The New York Times is kind of making a big deal about the shoes Carrie Underwood was wearing when she went to Peter Som’s runway show during the recent fashion week in New York City. About how the frigid temperatures were no match for her peep-toe stilettos. (She also wore a sleeveless dress, God forbid.)

But here are a few reasons why I’m so glad Underwood wore what she wore.

1. Can you imagine the criticisms she would have heard had she shown up in more weather-appropriate fashion? Like Uggs and a North Face? Please.

2. She was probably walking from a car to a door. That’s maybe a 5-foot walk. It’s not like she was standing around outside, having a snowball fight, building a snowmen and/or making snow angels.

3. Underwood told The New York Times she had good reason for dressing like she did. When they asked if she was wearing Peter Som, she said, “I’m not. I really wanted to, but I ended up wearing Ted Baker. It’s spring-y. I’m going to will spring to come if I wear spring colors. It’s going to happen.”

4. Have you seen Ted Baker’s clothes ? I’d wear all Ted Baker all the time if I could.

5. Had she needed to dress for the elements, Underwood would have done it and done it well. With layers. She said she’d lived in Ottawa with her husband Mike Fisher, so she knows cold and that winter was “way worse than anything I could ever imagine.”

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