Nashville Revelations From Connie Britton

Wednesday (Feb. 19) would normally be a day I’d be in hyperproductive mode. Getting all my to-do’s done so that come 9 p.m., I could be parked in front of my TV to live vicariously through Rayna on Nashville.

But because of the 2014 Winter Olympics, we have to endure another week without Nashville.

At least we have Rayna’s take on things. In an interview with People magazine , Connie Britton talked about what to expect from Nashville (the show and the town) in the weeks ahead.

As for the show, Britton said, “Of course, there’s a lot more intrigue in Juliette Barnes’ world. A lot more intrigue in Rayna James’ world. I think that eventually we might see those two characters come together a little bit more closely.”

That, I cannot picture. But Rayna knows best.

Or does she? Britton admitted that she doesn’t always see too far into the future of the show.

“Whenever I’m asked what you can expect, I’m always a little bit like, ’I don’t really know,'” she said. “Because we stay almost as in the dark about it as anybody else does. We get our scripts about a week before we shoot them.”

But one thing she is sure of is the real town of Nashville. Britton admitted that it has really started to feel like home to her. She’s met some amazing friends, and the town has been welcoming to the show and its stars.

“Nashville’s very different from Hollywood,” she said. “There are some similarities because both are show business towns. The music business is obviously a very big part of Nashville. But it has a much more small-town feel than Hollywood. So when you’re there, it feels like running away from home.”

Nashville resumes Feb 26 on ABC.