Luke Bryan Schedules Spring Break 6 EP

Six-Song Collection Will Be Released March 11

Luke Bryan is crashing a beach party with a brand new EP, Spring Break 6 … Like We Ain’t Ever, set for March 11 release.

The collection includes six songs co-written by Bryan: “She Gets Me High,” “Like We Ain’t Ever,” “Night One,” “Are You Leaving With Him,” “Good Lookin’ Girl” and “The Sand I Brought to the Beach.”

Bryan will return to Spinnaker’s Beach Club in Panama City, Fla., on March 11-12 for the sixth consecutive year to play free concerts. The two-day crowd totaled 120,000 fans at last year’s shows.

“The songs for this project came together so fast,” said Bryan. “These special EP’s all began as a way to get new music out to the fans between studio projects. I feel like year after year we get a little bit better at writing for this. I think with these new songs I would be proud to put them on any album we release.”