Taylor Swift Collaborations: Lorde Says Yes, Ed Sheeran Says No

Capital FM, a pop radio station in the United Kingdom, seems to ask everyone they talk to whether or not they are going to collaborate with Taylor Swift. I’m sure they ask other questions, too, but somehow that one always makes the list.

In the station’s most recent interview with Lorde , the 17-year-old Grammy-winning pop singer from New Zealand, they had to know if her new pal Swift would ever make it onto one of her songs.

They specifically asked if their musical differences would get in the way of any collaborations.

“Yeah, we are (different),” Lorde said. “But I think the cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music. I think that last record, in particular, everyone was like, ’Whoa, a lot of ground has been covered.’ And I think with an artist like her, the sky is kind of the limit. But you know.”

(No, actually, I don’t know. Does that mean they’re in the studio working on something or just in the initial texting-song-ideas-back-and-forth phase?)

But Ed Sheeran, another international pop star who has toured with Swift, said he will not be working with Swift at all on his second album.

“I didn’t work with Taylor on the album purely for the fact that we’ve done that already,” he told Capital FM. “We’ve already done a song, and I don’t know if that would surprise anyone if that happened.

“We’re always going to perform together. We’re always going to write together. We’re always going to hang out. I just felt for this record, I wanted to make a record that would surprise people and keep them intrigued.”