Dierks Bentley’s “Painful” Love

What Dierks Bentley said about his three kids in his liner notes for his new album Riser is exactly how I feel about my three kids. He said what I’ve wanted to say for the past 19 years. I just never had the right words until I read his.

“My girls Evie and Jordan and son Knox — painful loving you three so much,” Bentley wrote.

He also thanks his wife Cassidy, his dog Jake, his songwriters, his publicists and so on. But it’s how he describes his love for his kids that makes me feel like I can relate to Bentley and his music that much better.

Plus, it was his son Knox’s birth, Bentley says, that was one of the bookends for this album. The other? His father’s death.

“The moments that provide bookends for this album were my dad passing away June of 2012 and my first son being born October of 2013. Pivotal landmarks in a man’s life,” he wrote. “Talk about opening new doors in your heart!”

Bentley goes on to say that when he started writing songs for this album, it was from a place of grief, and that he ended up in a place of gratitude.

“The bridge between these two moments was the Locked and Reloaded tour with my friend Miranda Lambert. Being on the road with my band, my crew and, most importantly, our FANS, is the greatest gift,” he wrote. “We sing together, we shout together, we raise our cups and cans together. And in no other year was that as needed and as fun as 2013.”