Keith Urban Looks Good in His Shirts

Only Keith Urban could come up with a line of T-shirts this cool. So cool that even the names of the shirt designs sound like the names of indie bands: Mystic Seahorse, Prehistoric, Zen Paint Can, Hotel Key and Eyes Closed and more.

The latter shirt carries a message asking, “Where would you be if you closed your eyes?” That could be a country song, right there.

Urban says that his intention with this line of clothing is to create a collection that would help reinvest in communities.

“I’ve always loved cool, interesting T-shirts and wanted to share that passion, but only if I could do it in a fun, collaborative way with social impact that can help make a difference,” he said.

His collaborator, Industrial Revolution II, is devoted to what they call collective prosperity. They invest 50 percent of their profits into their workers, their families and the local community.

“These expenditures are not charitable donations, but rather durable investments into healthcare, education, training and infrastructure, all geared toward improving social conditions and promoting economic development in the region,” the group’s website says.

Urban has always been a bit of a T-shirt renegade.

“I have to check with the Idol people sometimes because sometimes (the shirts) aren’t appropriate,” Urban recently told Ryan Seacrest about his endless wardrobe of T-shirts. “Let’s just say, every now and then, I have to take a picture of my shirt and send it to them.”

For the past two seasons of the show, his shirts have had messages like “I Am the Stig,” “Detroit vs. Everybody” and “Keep It Weird.” It seems like on every episode, his shirt has something to say.

In the interview, Seacrest and Urban also talked about the talent on this season of American Idol.

“I like the fact we’ve got some really good young ones in here this time,” Urban said. “Extremely good singers. But as we’ve all seen repeatedly, it’s so much more than that. I was saying … the other day, ’When you get to the Top 30, they can all sing.’ They’re all great singers, so then for me, it’s always the ones who make me feel something. That’s what it comes down to.”