Four Ways Darius Rucker Keeps His Head in the Game(s)

From the sound of this interview with , you’d think Darius Rucker had a one-track mind. Sports, sports and more sports.

Granted, he wasn’t the one asking the questions, but you can tell from his enthusiastic answers that this is a man who has about as much passion for the games as he does for music.

Asked about his choices if he could form a new band with only professional athletes, he said, “I’d have Dan Marino playing bass. I’d have (retired Cincinnati Reds baseball player) Barry Larkin playing drums and (former professional wrestler) Ric Flair on keyboards, for sure, shaking that hair. My guitar player would probably be (retired Miami Dolphin) Jason Taylor. If we were all single and on the road, I’d like to get some of his throwaways. He’s so pretty. They could all sing backgrounds, but I’d still be the lead singer.”

As for his love of football, he said, “There are two kinds of seasons for me — football season and waiting for football season. My favorite teams are the (South Carolina) Gamecocks and the Miami Dolphins. I love it.”

About a game he likes to play instead of watch, Rucker noted, “I play a lot (of golf), even on the road. The other day I shot a 74, and the next day I shot an 84. It fluctuates like that, but it’s still my favorite thing to do. Once the spring hits, we play every day. Once you get over partying and sleeping in, it’s the best way to spend the mornings. I’m up at 8 o’clock every day now. What else am I going to do?”

Regarding his favorite memory as a lifelong sports fan, he said. “That would have to be when I was 6 years old and the Dolphins won their first Super Bowl (in 1973) after going undefeated. I’ll never forget how happy I was at that moment.”