Kacey Musgraves: One Month After Her Grammy Victories

It was one month ago that Kacey Musgraves won her first two Grammys. What makes that even more remarkable is that it was not even one year ago that her debut album was released.

So you could easily say this has been the best 11 months of Musgraves’ life.

“A month ago today, I was at the Grammys,” Musgraves told me Wednesday night (Feb. 26) when she was in Chicago. “I was just over the moon. I mean, just being nominated, then winning one, then two, then getting to perform and having my mom there. Literally, I felt like I was just right where I needed to be.”

She won Grammys for best country album (Same Trailer Different Park) and best country song (“Merry Go ’Round” ). She was as honored as she was humbled.

“There are so many people out there making music,” she said. “So the fact that those people thought that something I was a part of was the best in that category — out of everything presented in an entire year? I can’t even describe how thankful I am for that.”

But when your very first collection of songs makes it that far, what do you do for an encore? Dance with the one that brought you. That’s Musgraves’ plan.

“There are more eyes on me than there were a year ago, sure,” she said. “And a lot of people would think there would mean more pressure. But at the same time, this makes me feel like what I’m doing is right. So that I should just keep doing that.”

Musgraves has made a lot of noise by quietly singing about social issues such as marijuana, homosexuality and bullying. But she didn’t set out to controversial.

“It’s not like I think, ’This is controversial, so I wanna sing about it, and I wanna push buttons,'” she said. “The things I think about for songs are things that made a huge impression on me. One of my best friends — right out of high school– came out to me. That changed my perspective. And it changed my world.”