The Then and Now of Nashville Turned Upside Down

Just when you think you’ve got the Nashville TV series figured out — Rayna loves her sister but hates Juliette — the tables turn. All the drama is upside down and a little inside out after Wednesday night’s (March 5) episode.

It could have something to do with Lamar’s death. It might be because Music City is kind of a fickle place. Then again, maybe it’s just because everyone on the show got bored with the status quo.

Here’s how paradigms are shifting on Nashville.

Then: Rayna is more loyal to her sister Tandy than anyone else in her life.
Now: Rayna washes her hands of her entire family just because Tandy bounced a couple of checks. “We’re not doing this anymore, Tandy. There’s no getting past it,” Rayna tells her. “I’m out. I’m done. I really think that I have earned the freedom from this family and the mountain of crap that we have built. I am starting fresh without you.”

Then: Rayna and Juliette have an ongoing textbook girl-vs.-girl rivalry.
Now: Juliette sweetly begs Rayna to sign her to her record label, and Rayna says yes.

Then: Jeff was an ass, especially to Juliette.
Now: Jeff’s still an ass, but now he’s one who tries to bribe Juliette with a $10,000 bottle of champagne and a $250,000 production deal for her boyfriend Avery.

Then: Avery likes to make music.
Now: Avery is a baby and won’t go to rehearsals because he had a date. “Overzealous bandmate or beautiful girlfriend? It’s a hard choice,” he tells Juliette. He also turns down a producing deal because he doesn’t want to ride Juliette’s coattails.

Then: Megan loves Deacon.
Now: Megan loves car sex with Teddy.

Then: Layla was a backstabbing reality star stepping on everyone in her path.
Now: Layla’s getting dropped.

Then: Deacon has a hard time resisting temptation.
Now: Deacon doesn’t give in to the bottle or the no-strings-attached sex.

Then: Luke’s country-boy charm seemed a little forced. Maybe even faked.
Now: Luke know how to make his own buttermilk. So legit.

Then: Rayna thinks the world of Scarlett’s hotshot producer Liam.
Now: Rayna fires Liam after finding out his sessions with Scarlett weren’t just for making music.