Sara Evans vs. “Kenny Chesneys of the World”

In a recent interview with The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville, Sara Evans opened up about, well, everything.

And what I love the most is when she talks honestly about what she calls her Hannah Montana life.

Evans has three children of her own and four stepkids with her husband Jay Barker. So like any mom who is juggling family and work — and the travel that comes with the job — she says her life is like the Disney TV series because she leads kind of a double life and has the best of both worlds.

But sometimes that balance can lead to career sacrifices. She told the newspaper she has spent her career competing with the “Kenny Chesneys of the world.” By that, she means artists who are spouseless and childless and can spend most of their time away from home.

“I can’t stay out on the road and do all the stuff for days and days and days and leave my children at home,” she said. “My best bet is to make the most awesome-sounding music that I can possibly make and pour everything that I have into that and hope and pray that it stands on its own.”

Evans also has the one thing you really need to make it as a woman in country music right now — a positive attitude.

“I also have an optimistic viewpoint on life, so I really do think everything is possible, not that I haven’t completely stressed at times,” she said.

Slow Me Down — her new album featuring three songs she co-wrote — will be released Tuesday (March 11).