Taylor Swift: Not Sorry About Loving Nashville

Taylor Swift has already made it very clear that she loves Nashville. But now, Time magazine has her digging a little deeper about the reasons why she loves the town that made her famous.

She adores the coffee shops, the Bluebird Café, the shops in Hillsboro Village, the neighborhoods of 12 South and East Nashville. You know, the basics.

There’s also the lack of Swift watchers in Nashville that make life easy for her.

“You don’t see as much evidence of me spending time in Nashville because I’m not being photographed at the grocery store,” she said. “I’m just able to wander around the grocery store and make casual conversation with the girl standing next to me in the produce aisle.”

Swift’s first memory of Nashville was being charmed by how kind people were to strangers and newcomers. And now, she told the magazine, so much has changed since she moved there permanently 10 years ago.

“It’s become a popular, trendy place to live for families and young professionals,” she said. “It’s become a well-known music hub for genres other than just country. There are now fantastic, highly acclaimed restaurants and top-of-the-line hotels. New high-rise buildings have popped up every time I come home, and I think it’s so awesome that Nashville is booming. The attention it’s getting is well deserved.”

At the end of the interview, she does kind of stop herself from further raving about Music City.

“Now I have to stop because I sound like I am the president of the Nashville Tourism Board,” she said. “Sorry, not sorry. I just love it here.”

And while her work does bring her all over the world, Swift has added Los Angeles and New York City as kind of her homes away from home.

“I’ve been lucky enough to find friends who live in New York, L.A. and Nashville, so none of those cities ever feel foreign or lonely,” she said.