Miranda Lambert Goes Blonds for Platinum

Almost as exciting as Miranda Lambert’s new music — due June 3 — is the cover of her upcoming album Platinum. I just analyzed that the way I will analyze the music when I finally get my hands on it.

So here’s what I know so far about the photo on the cover:

1. Lambert is gorgeous. Like drop-dead, capital G gorgeous.

2. Her blond hair is fuller than ever.

3. But her body is slimmer than ever. She’s a healthy slim, though.

4. Lambert is standing in the doorway of an Airstream trailer. That is so her. It makes me want to turn on her old song “Airstream Song” from her 2009 album Revolution. I think I even see homemade curtains behind her in the windows, just like the song says.

5. The photo was shot in Los Angeles — not near her home in Oklahoma and not in Nashville. But with her husband Blake Shelton spending so much time in California for his gig on The Voice, it looks like Lambert feels very much at home in this photo.

6. Her shiny silver cowboy boots are from her own line of shoes, Miranda by Miranda Lambert.

7. Lambert’s floor-length, sexy-but-classy black dress is from the Blonds. It has thin straps and a thigh-high slit on one side. The designers just debuted their latest line during New York Fashion Week, which reportedly was inspired by the sexy comic book character Catwoman.

Lambert and her music have come so far since she was on Nashville Star in 2003 and then debuted with “Me and Charlie Talking.” But if you put her first album cover (Kerosene) side by side with this album cover, I think you’d see that the past nine years haven’t changed her all that much.