Cassadee Pope Has Heard All Your Jokes

Is nothing new? Pope jokes for Cassadee Pope? Come on, country radio. You can do better than that.

Pope recently talked with industry publication Country Aircheck and admitted the one thing she’d heard from every radio DJ in the country is the pope jokes.

“’What was it like being elected the new pope?'” she said. “Things like that about my last name. I’ve gotten them since I was little. It’s that old.”

Pope opened up even more for the trade publication about some of the ups and downs of being on the road for her radio tour to promote her debut country album.

“I didn’t expect to do so much — four stations a day for four months straight. Probably the hardest schedule I’ve ever done,” she said, adding that being on The Voice is what helped her endurance and her vocals so much. “It helped me to not lose my voice after a few performances because I was used to singing so much.”

Trying to stay healthy while she’s out courting radio stations isn’t quite as easy, though.

“I try to eat before I do radio visits. Sometimes I don’t have time, and I’m starving and I’ll eat whatever is there,” Pope said.

And so where is the best place to eat well in an airport? Pope prefers New York’s JFK.

“JFK has this really cool cafeteria, Cibo Express. They have all these different stations and all these different kinds of food,” she said. “Everything is right there. You don’t have to walk to different terminals to find what you want.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.