We Should Probably Talk About Nashville‘s Sexual Tension

Did you feel what I felt? Between Scarlett and Avery, Will and Brent and Megan and Teddy, it was like an entire hour of near misses for potential hookups.

Nothing actually happened between those three couples on Wednesday (March 12) night’s episode of Nashville, but it came so close that you could feel the inevitable sexual tension in the air. And while nothing physical went down on this episode, you just know it’s going to. It’s just a matter of time.

Scarlett and Avery are bound to fall back in love (they were live-in lovers in the first season) when he starts producing her album, picking up where the pill-pushing Liam so abruptly left off.

And Will may have proposed to Layla for business purposes, but he is so into Brent that you want to tell them to get a room even when they are alone in a room.

Then there is Megan and Teddy. She tried, God love her, to tell him that Deacon is the only man for her. “It was a mistake. You shouldn’t be here. Please go,” she tells him after their car-sex scene a week ago. But that Teddy is a relentless little mayor. He caught up with Megan later, and asked, “Do you really think you can go the distance with Deacon? These musicians, they’re not normal people. What happened between us wasn’t a mistake.” Deep down, I think she knows he’s right. And with Deacon about to head off on tour with Luke — his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend — I’m sure Teddy is thinking he’ll have a chance to make an honest first lady out of Megan.

But for the actual couples on the show, the sexual tension was much less intense. Rayna and Luke are becoming more and more like an old married couple. Same with Zoey and Gunnar. And poor, poor Layla. She’s trying to spice things up with Will, who isn’t, in fact, willing, with lingerie from Judith’s Jungle. I don’t know who Judith is, but I’m sure there’s nothing in her jungle that could turn Will on.

The episode also featured some cliché music-is-more-important-than-the-Battle-of-Liberty-Gap moments from Maddie, a handful of diva meltdowns from Juliette and some “calculated” and “strategic” moves from Rayna on how to handle Highway 65’s growing roster of bitches.