Dierks Bentley Shares Garth Brooks Memories

You know how people always claim that they had “the worst seats in the house”? I never believe them. I mean, even super crappy seats at a country show are still good. Because, well, it’s country.

But Dierks Bentley proved to me there really is such a thing as a terrible seat. Because that’s what he had for a Garth Brooks concert when he was a teenager. How bad were they?

“I was 17. I had no money. So I had the worst seat in the building,” he told me. “I was so high up that I could literally touch the ceiling of the arena.”

OK. That would suck.

However, Bentley was quick to point out that the concert — I believe it would’ve been Brooks’ the Chase tour — was still one of the greatest shows he’s ever seen.

“Garth was about a mile away, but I felt like he was singing right to me,” Bentley said when he was in Chicago during the release week for his new album Riser.

He also told me Brooks’ comeback tour is likely going to change things for other touring country singers. For better? For worse? Bentley didn’t say. But we should know soon.

Brooks’ first special comeback event is in Ireland this coming July, and he’s already sold 400,000 tickets for the five-night run. And if Brooks can sell out five nights of massive shows in a foreign country, just imagine what he’s capable of back here at home.