Guntucky Returns to CMT for an Explosive Second Season

Season Two of the Firearm-Loving Series Premieres April 5

CMT has announced the return of the explosively unpredictable reality series Guntucky for a second season. Premiering April 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the show continues to follow the close-knit Sumner family as they run their Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Ky.

This season, the series expands to eight hour-long episodes and finds the firearm-loving family in some of their most explosive, heartwarming and often hilarious predicaments yet. From vintage tanks and war reenactments to martial arts, monster truck fireballs and a wedding on the range, the new season proves business is booming in the great state of Guntucky.

In the first episode, the Sumners are busy with expansions at the range. While Kenny tends to business negotiations and tricky construction problems, Steven works with the wife of an injured military veteran to surprise him with a custom rig that will allow him to shoot the big guns he trained on. The ladies’ man at the range, Gran-pa Biff, volunteers to help a mom overcome her fear of guns as she looks to purchase one for home protection, while shop employees wager a shooting competition to decide who gets to purchase the highly-anticipated Ruger Commander that just arrived.

Family comes first, but guns are a close second according to the Sumner family motto. At their family-owned and operated Knob Creek Gun Range, customers can try out, pawn and purchase a broad spectrum of legal firearms. The world famous range has been in the Sumner family for three generations, led by patriarch Gran-pa Biff Sumner Jr., who has now handed over the day-to-day business of the range to his oldest son Kenny, the most reliable one of the bunch. The Sumner family includes Kenny’s Mohawk-sporting younger brother, Steve; his free-spirited son Chad; and a whole new generation of Knob Creek Gun Range employees — Steven’s kids, Stephanie and Payton.

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