American Idol Contestant Lost Herself in Garth Brooks Song

When MK Nobilette was introducing the song she chose for Songs From the Cinema week on Wednesday (March 12) night’s American Idol, I got kind of nervous. She said she’d chosen “Make You Feel My Love” because she had done it at a recital in high school. “I love almost every cover of it,” she told the judges.

That could’ve been a very awkward moment. Because Harry Connick Jr. was in the movie Hope Floats that featured the Garth Brooks cover of that song. And because I’m assuming Keith Urban digs the Brooks cover of the song. What if it was the Brooks version she didn’t like?

Nobilette never did say which covers of the song she did not like, which was probably a good call.

Once she was done singing, Jennifer Lopez raved about it. Connick seemed like he loved most of it. And then Urban weighed in.

“Firstly, you look like a star,” he said of her newly platinum hair and colorful, stylish outfit. “You do. You look really great.”

Then he gave Nobilette feedback on the very moment in the song that stood out to him. “What I loved about tonight was, somewhere in that second verse was the line ’to dry your tears.’ For some reason, you sang it in a way where you just sort of lost yourself in it. The audience responded immediately to that moment, and I went, ’There it is.’ There’s little glimpses of who you can be as an artist.”

Even though the song was written by Bob Dylan and recorded first by Billy Joel, it was made very popular by Brooks in 1998 when it was in the Connick film. It was later nominated for a Grammy for best country male vocal performance. And then a couple of years later, Brooks added it as a bonus track to the rerelease of his 1995 Fresh Horses album. 

While I’m particular to the way Brooks does the song, I also loved it when Lea Michele, Cory Monteith’s girlfriend, did it on Glee in October 2013 in an episode that paid tribute to the late actor who died at 31 of an accidental alcohol and drug overdose.

Ben Briley was sent home on Thursday night, so Nobilette is safe in the Top 10.

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